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Talking Tech[NOTE] I ask you to read the original article I had written and then read Max’s rebuttal before getting into this. – CG

My colleague Max Dempster posted a rebuttal to an article I had originally posted about how the Xbox One will not be requiring the use of the Kinect peripheral and how a price drop was in order. In the article I did touch briefly on the fact that some believe government intervention was going to be BELIEVED to take place if the always-on Kinect hit living rooms. Notice how I use the word “briefly”. While I respect Max and his opinion, there was one line that had my heart flutter when I read it: 

“The rest of the article developed into a defense of Microsoft and displayed a willfully blind futurism that could only have its roots in tragic, helpless fanboyism.”


That word shakes me to my core. In the journalistic realm we occupy there is no room for favoritism or leaned articles. If I wanted to proclaim how Microsoft won the war for our living rooms I would direct him to this article I wrote before Microsoft even started back-peddling. The article discusses how Microsoft already won the holiday battle.

The Kinect article was not a great hoorah for Microsoft for pulling the wool over the consumers eyes and sticking a government tracking chip into our living rooms. This was an article discussing how Microsoft is afraid to move into the future and in turn it will harm the gaming industry as a whole because we will fall into a lull of underdeveloped games due to a lack of software innovation.

Now to the government use of Kinect; the main reason I wrote this rebuttal. I did not write this rebuttal because my opinion differs from him on which system is better. I do not worry about that (everyone is entitled to their own opinion).

He was correct in stating that I ignored the potential for government abuse. It’s true. I genuinely do not care about government use of my property. I am a Paid Search Specialist and work with Google, the king of content control and privacy “infringement”. I will easily say I am desensitized to it. I do not fear the government because I have nothing to hide. To me if you want to live in the past and fear “Big Brother” seeing a personal moment, or seeing you talking about how disruptive the government can be or seeing you fuck, then maybe you should get a jerk-off corner yourself and not come out. The world will move on without you and the world will progress without you. I take great offense to think that for a moment I don’t value civil liberties and privacy but do not be mistaken by the fact that I greatly value innovation and creativity and if Microsoft (NOT the government) builds a device that will move the world forward and create more engaging items in the future then I will support that item. If they turn around and use it for ill-gotten gains then I will happily sell it and purchase a competitors product that has used the new technology that Microsoft helped pioneer.

Technology is about progression. Technology is about risk. Technology is about building without a lack of fear. Microsoft showcased that fear in backpedaling so frequently. My colleague Max Dempster showcased fear in misinterpreting an article that was not designed to be a discussion of NSA clearance and freaking out at the thought that someone didn’t care about the POTENTIAL of government intervention. It was an article that built upon the holiday console debate (not war) and was meant to incite excitement and debate for whats to come.

I accomplished what I set out to do. I respect Max to no end because he had his own opinion and while built upon a misunderstood basis, he made a strong statement.

But I would happily pay to watch his Kinect feed of him having sex.

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